Farmers Roost is a property situated between the towns of Maldon and Baringhup in Victoria, set on 74 hectares.  The property has outcrops of granite rock formations and is close to significant natural, heritage and geographical features such as Mt Tarrengower, Pidgeon Hill, Cairn Curran Reservoir and the Loddon River.

The property has been in the family for over 25 years and been used to raise thoroughbred racehorses. In the last two years, the next generation is transforming the property after its been neglected, resulting in the property having a number of weeds. 

 Over the next two years, this transformation will see the eradication of the Cactus and better management of weeds using permaculture methods and rotating the horses throughout the different paddocks.

 In order to diversify Farmers Roost will also provide tourists and visitors to Maldon/Baringhup a number of accommodation options that take advantage of the natural landscape, be a model of sustainability and have a low environmental impact.

 The name Farmers Roost was created by a 12 year old and it symbolises that we as a family came to the Farm to stay or Roost. Roost is also a place for some of the local birds to stay.

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